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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Joyland by Stephen King

Let's cut to the chase, I loved this book. This is not one of those big, sprawling Stephen King tomes with loads of gore and an epic mythos (although SK does an awesome job when he writes those). This is a smaller story, a surprisingly sweet tale of a 21 year old kid with a broken heart & a summer job at a rickety 3rd-tier amusement park called Joyland. It's a wonderful tale filled with characters whose dialog and motivations ring true, a dark mystery at the heart of the park and just enough of a supernatural edge to keep you guessing and turning pages.

This is a book for anyone whose had a first job, a first love, a broken heart and a mind that wonders if all we see in life is all there really is. There is no joy without sorrow, but there is far more joy than sorrow packed into these 283 pages. Stephen King can take you back to 1973 and a place called Joyland. Go to your bookstore and buy a ticket, it's a wonderful ride.

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  1. Stephen King has done it again. This is a quick read and I enjoyed it as I have nearly all of his books.